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Article: Bigger Than It Seams - #001: We rather live enormous than die dormant!

Bigger Than It Seams - #001: We rather live enormous than die dormant!

Bigger Than It Seams - #001: We rather live enormous than die dormant!

This is your Maison, and we'll try to ensure you feel at home. We believe that brand building should be über transparent. Not only do we want you to see what and how we're doing, we want to make you a part of the process.

But that's not how we grew up - we worked traditional jobs with fucked up hierarchies and backroom dealings. Transparency was "newspeak" - an age test if you get the reference. 

That's the world we escaped to create this world—a world where we get to openly create together with the very people we're creating for. We'll show you what we do well and where we f**k up. We'll tell you about trade shows we're visiting, fabrics we love, collections we're working on, and all the ins and outs of what goes into building not just a fashion brand but a fashion MAISON.

This is why we decided to start this blog - Bigger Than It Seams - a working title, of course. We'll always give you a founder's perspective, no sugarcoating. 

It makes perfect sense for our first post to be about our origins. If anyone asks us what we're about, this is as real as it gets. Hopefully, it will all make sense.

Ever feel like you're living in black and white when the world is screaming in color? So did we. Trapped in the 9-to-5 grind, suits and all, we realized "safe" was another word for dormant.

Can we live?

Hip-hop was our heartbeat, and when we heard HOV say, "I'd rather die enormous than live dormant," we knew that's how we on it. And yet, here we were, drowning in the monotony.

Thursday nights were our lifeline. Underground studios and cafes became our escape, where wild ideas flowed like battle rap verses - raw and uncensored. Art, music, clothes, architecture – everything was on the table, everything but boring. Those nights were our rebellion, a middle finger to the cubicle-sized world we lived in day in, day out.

Then, 2023 hit, and so did our breaking point. Maison Beast wasn't just born; it burst into existence. We do not know if we created it because we reached our breaking point or maybe breaking everything we knew was inevitable once Maison Beast opened its sleepy eyes. Either way, its birth was unavoidable. We quit our jobs, and the creative pull became our compass.

From now on, this Beast had a pulse.

Maison Beast's origin story is woven with pain, pressure, and struggle, coated with a glaze of passion and an insatiable thirst for freedom. This unique combination forges a character that's nearly unbreakable – the character of a true Beast.

We aim to guide this Beast, but it's no longer solely ours to tame. It belongs to all of us. If there's even a single bone in your body urging you to achieve more, demand more, fight for more, and explore more – congratulations, you have Beast blood running through your veins. This is your house. Your Maison.

Our ethos is simple: follow your Beast gut and take liberty with rules. Question everything – borders, lines, fabrics, shapes, colors, and even physics. As a Beast, the jungle is your playground, and everyone else here is a visitor. That's the sentiment we embody when we proudly showcase our clothes, jewelry, art, and toys – pride, ownership, freedom, dominance, empathy, and power.

The iconic sleepy eye of Maison Beast serves as a reminder of the dormant lifestyle we emerged from, born in the North, where the sun often shines only four hours a day. Yet, it's also a perpetual reminder to open our eyes wider and see the whole picture.

So, here's to embracing who you were born to be, cultivating your version of wild "Thursday nights," and to our house, Maison Beast – a rebellion against death by monotony because life's too short to live dormant. That's How we on it!

Maison Beast - a fashion/creative house born in 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia.

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